Blues, soul e rock’n’roll are the key words for describing Mike Sponza, guitarist, singer and composer, on the European blues panorama since early 90’s. A lifetime commitment to develop a personal style, contemporary and rich of different flavours.
The Mike Sponza Band delivers a classy contemporary sound deeply rooted in the blues with a R&B flavor

A talented and soulful guitarist, Mike Sponza has achieved a collection of prestigious collaborations in a career that is really uncommon for an Italian blues musician. Reviews of his albums and his concerts are rare gems of esteem, considering the rigidity and selection present in critics’ circles, especially for this musical genre.

Purists do not mess around when it comes to doing justice to the blues, and Mike Sponza has always been the object of enthusiastic and outstanding reviews.
Mike Sponza made his debut in 1997 with the album "News for You". In 2003, he released “Mike Sponza”, his first solo album. In 2005, he launched the concept "Kakanic Blues", the first album recorded with “Mike Sponza & Central Europe Blues Convention,” an ensemble with some of the leading musicians in the blues/jazz scene of Central Europe. In 2006, Mike released the dvd "Live In Italy" with the Central European group and legendary Californian guitarist Carl Verheyen.
In 2008, the album "Kakanic Blues 2.0", with 25 musicians from 12 European countries is published. Between 2011 and 2012 Mike delivers "Continental Shuffle", the double album which brought together nearly 40 musicians from all over Europe.
In 2013, it’s time for Mike Sponza & Orchestra a live album and dvd recorded with the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra: original songs by Mike arranged for a 40-piece ensemble. 2016 was the year of "Ergo Sum", the revolutionary and original project in which latin language and culture meet the blues. On the album, produced at the Abbey Road Studios in London, he plays with celebrated artist Dana Gillespie, and the faboulous Ian Siegal. 2018 is the year of "Made In The Sixties": written alongside legendary songwriter Pete Brown, the record, produced at Abbey Road Studios, is the Italian bluesman’s personal tribute to the sixties. In ten tracks, one for each year of the decade, Mike Sponza and Pete Brown recount the brightest and darkest moments of this fantastic historic period.

Live Projects

Whether it is a festival, a club or an event, there is always the right band on hand - and it will be a show! Powerful and dynamic, with music at the centre, but also lots of entertainment!

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Mike Sponza “Large band”

This explosive yet dynamic octet with horns and back vocals is Mike’s best way to express all the elements of his music. This show band with a strong original repertoire can capture any audience!

Mike Sponza “Quartet”

This is Mike’s road-tested ensemble of the last 25 years… deeply rooted into blues, with a soul-rock attitude. Tight & punchy!

Mike Sponza&Orchestra

This HUGE project can be taken on any stage around the world, with any available orchestra! There’s a band in sextet, a director, 14 horns, 12 strings. This means 32 musicians on the stage. Enough cool?

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