“Il talento di uno dei più grandi chitarristi blues italiani, ormai una sorta di guru del blues nazionale: il risultato è un’esplosione di classe, ritmo ed energia.”


Live Projects

Whether it is a festival, a club or an event, there is always the right band on hand - and it will be a show! Powerful and dynamic, with music at the centre, but also lots of entertainment!

Make your choice!



Mike Sponza “Large band”

This explosive and dynamic octet with horns and back vocals is Mike’s best way to express all the elements of his music. It's a real show band with a strong original repertoire that can capture any audience!

Mike Sponza & The European Blues Convention

Since 2004, this live and record project has captured the attention of audiences and insiders alike. To date, it is still the only European collaborative blues project on the scene!

Mike Sponza & Orchestra 

This HUGE project can be taken on any stage around the world, with any available orchestra!
There’s a band in sextet, a director, 14 horns, 12 strings. This means 32 musicians on the stage. Enough cool?

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